What is the very first thing YOU will do in 2012?

Seventh Day of Christmas… the number of perfection, Heaven… is it fitting that it falls on the last day of the year?

You will most likely cringe if I say “Have you made your _____”. I like what someone said along the lines of making resolutions every day, instead of just at the start of the year. But every new week, month, etc. is an excuse to start over again. It’s fun to think about what you could maybe do differently this year… I enjoy looking forward to a change in the plans or the schedule. The best is to have a good mix of new + routine. It’s definitely good to at least review your goals. I’m still working on it!

One habit I’d like to develop, is asking people in when they come to the door. It’s just not something that even enters my mind usually, for some reason.

Are you off for the Last Gorge of the Year tonight? We’re going to a buffet, but then home to dance it off! Well, just me I guess, since Rej is not one to dance when no one is looking, lol. However, we’ve determined that the very first thing we will do in 2012, is go for a walk!

This is a little gift that was given to me SEVEN years ago! (The three hearts stands for the fact that it was from 3-yr.-olds. ;))


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