The meaning of the word “smithereens”…

Oh. my. goodness. You would not believe what happened to me this morning. All before COFFEE! (Never mind breakfast.)

  1. While getting breakfast, I knocked over the paper cup of grease* in the fridge. Wonderful stinking mess all. over. everything. Had to take out drawers, shelves, etc., and keep the fridge door open for quite awhile, running back & forth with the cloth…
  2. Discovered the carton of milk was leaking.
  3. Took the main shelf out, and stood by the sink washing the shelf. Suddenly, as I turned it around, a corner of it hit the counter–BOOM!!! I never knew the meaning of the word “smithereens” until that moment!
  4. Took my socks off, and my housecoat, and shook tiny pieces of glass out of them. Swept, then stood there for awhile trying to figure out how to gather up the mini-sparkles on the WET counter, in the sink, in the crack behind the faucets, etc. After sweeping, the pieces that were stuck to the side of the counter were still falling… Took each dish out of one side of the sinks to dump them, spooned out some of the glass out of the sinks, rinsed out the coffee cups… Enough! Suffice it to say that I got it cleaned up eventually. And yes, I did have a couple of itchy places on my feet and fingers…
  5. Then I had to finish cleaning the fridge–finally using cue-tips and toothpicks to get the yucky stuff out of the cracks. Of course, sweeping was also required a few more times.
  6. Presently, there are jugs sitting on top of the onions, since we are minus a shelf.

How was your day, so far? :P

(*To explain myself, I’ve been in the habit of putting garbage-grease in paper cups so that it can be easily discarded into the compost–which requires putting it in the fridge first, so it can congeal and not be so much liquid in the compost bag. I think I’ll start using something else to store it. :$)

“Start with God – the first step in learning is bowing down to God; only fools thumb their noses at such wisdom and learning.” (Proverbs 1:7) This could be funny in terms of today’s “start”, but it is a good verse for the new year.

And now here is proof  that I haven’t been planning these photos ahead of time, because I couldn’t think of what it should be for this Ninth Day of Christmas. I didn’t want to take the time to count various decorations on my tree, to see if there was nine of anything. What is it–“Nine Ladies Dancing”? So how about this:

If an angel could be considered a “lady”. I saw a cute slide show the other day, with children acting out the Nativity, and they had the group of angels that appeared to the shepherds dancing. Great! Dancing is such a great way to celebrate–I did so much of it last year at various celebrations, plus for exercise each day of Advent, plus I danced-in the new year!

Today I’m rather exhausted already though… NEED MORE COFFEE!!!!

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