OK, so there’s more than 12 points on this star, but we could let “12” just mean “lots”. ;)

Such a bright star is fitting on the Eve of Epiphany, “the Season of Light”. Tonight I’ll stay up longer, just to enjoy the lights on the tree for one final night–tomorrow is the tree-taking down “party”. Hmmm… what to do special, so it really can be called a Party? Maybe some nachos and cheese for lunch! (Homemade of course.)

So, guess it’s time to reveal my resolutions… (Yikes! But that means I’ll have to stick to them!)

  • To try and make more salad for my family. We all love it, but I’m just too darn lazy.
  • Of course, my SP goals & rewards need reviewing. (SP=”SparkPeople”, my fitness website–see my links list) Have to keep myself inspired to get fit!
  • To invite people IN, whenever it’s someone I know, at the door. (I have to talk about this in order to get it into my mind–usually this old fashioned courtesy just doesn’t even enter my mind.)
  • To keep my eye out for some volunteer thing to do that helps the needy. If my church doesn’t start something soon, I’ll have to choose my own. (We used to have something called “Care House”, which provided food & clothing for people in need; also, the Alpha course was perfect for evangelism… two excellent things, one for the physical and one for the spiritual. But the people who led these things are either not with us anymore, or are no longer able to do it.)

“Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless.” (Isa. 1:16-17)

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