This one thing I know…

Ahhhhh! It’s been too long since I’ve done this: listen to Jars of Clay. I don’t really know their rock-sound, but the worship music-sound of Jars of Clay is my absolute all-time favourite. Maybe I just especially relate to these guys, I dunno (meaning the songs they write/choose to sing).

Wow… the words to this one…

Let the wind fall wild across my path
Even though we barely move, there’s no turning back
There is a river, there is a road, place of holy riches untold
It’s where I’m supposed to be… my heavenly

I know it never feels right to let go of the safety we’re used to holding so tight
But there’s a lion underneath these skies
Though love cries, love will rise… my, my, my heavenly

So fly me higher, higher, hope fill me, keep me here
Love lion, my, my…

So when I’m lonely or when I’m old, life is more behind me
All the stories have been told
I can fix my gaze up through the clouds
Where I’m gonna be, where I’m gonna be… my heavenly
My, my heavenly
My heavenly

And you know how when you’re feeling tired, it can make you feel tired of everything. Enter this song by Jars of Clay: Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet. It’s performed like it’s trying to rock you to sleep; certain instrumentals in the background definitely say “babies”/putting them to sleep, etc. And the repetition…

Jesus blood never failed me yet,
Never failed me yet.
Jesus blood never failed me yet…
Jesus blood–won’t fail me yet, won’t fail me yet, won’t fail me yet…
Jesus blood–won’t fail me yet, won’t fail me yet, won’t fail me yet…

For the very last line of the song, the instruments stop, the singer finishes almost in a whisper, slowing down, like he’s almost asleep… (and I think it’s the only other words besides those ones above, these ones coming up a couple of times in the song–)

This one thing I know, that He loves me so..
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