Mr. Fix-It Strikes Again!

My husband told me once, that he wanted to be a plumber. He could also have been an electrician: yesterday when “we” were installing the new thermostat-we-suddenly-had-to-buy, I had trouble trying to put those thin wires behind those tiny screws… finally he took over, and got the job done. He said you “get a feel for it”.

Any time there’s a problem with anything around the house, we call on our resident Problem-Solver. Part of the training for this, I’m sure, came with the years of problem-solving he did for IBM as a Programmer Analyst. His Software-Brain has now been upstaged by his son, but Rej has always been more of a hands-on person… Picture a group of IBM employees standing around with question marks on their heads about having to take apart a computer–and they call in the Blind Guy to do it for them. No surprise to we who know him, but rather a laugh when the stranger walks in on this.

So this is my funny & people post rolled into one… could also be called my Valentine’s post I suppose… hey, I should save it to read at his funeral! That won’t happen any time soon, since he’s been tread-milling every day (got his blood pressure down & may have to stop with the medicine)–and he just lost four. more. pounds. I think he lost about two more just in jumping up and down about it.

“Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they’re like spring rain and sunshine. Get wisdom – it’s worth more than money; choose insight over income every time. “ (Proverbs 16:15-16)

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  1. Murray Lahn says:

    Rej’s blindness has NEVER been a handicap as far as I can tell! He amazes me contantly with what he, and your whole family, does!!


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