What’s YOUR plan??

It’s always fun to change up something “regular”, so that you have a brand new plan–it gets me excited! Last night I must have spent a couple of hours going over Bible-reading plans (crazy that I am). Oh my, there are soooo many different ones!

My current preference had been to go very slowly, in reading through the Bible, taking a few years maybe; since I’ve read it through a few times anyway. In fact, I wasn’t even reading everything, but using a “Survey” plan, that included key passages from each book of the Bible–and I was taking much longer than the prescribed number of days, just reading when I had time. Because for actual daily reading, I go over whatever we happen to be studying in Small Group, Ladies’ Bible Study, or the current sermon series–reading the epistle (which is what it usually is) chapter over a few times before moving on.

Now I’ve decided to finish off this Survey one over Lent, and then use several of the shorter plans that I found in YouVersion. (If you haven’t tried YouVersion, you should–google it!)

  1. Breathe Life (breathe Jesus)–30 days
  2. Major Themes–65 days (There are several others: Major People, Major Events, etc.)
  3. Fostering Hope–31 days (This apparently includes a doctor’s experience in the field of fostering children.)
  4. Essential 100–50 passages from the Old Testament and 50 from the New (100 days, duh)

And then there are lots of Christmas reading plans to choose from, which will leave about 20 days blank for me, just in case it’s needed! And then next year, there are several reading plan choices for Lent… But they have lots of good ones that go for a whole year, too! Excuse, but I just want to note here for my own future reference, the ones I’m interested in…

  • Project 3:45+–The New Testament in a year, plus a Psalm/Proverb each day, and then for 5 days/week a selected Old Testament passage is added.
  • Mariners Chrono-Condensed–love to read chronologically, but the promised “10 minutes per day” is even better!
  • Ownit365 NT+–This one is organized by author (New Testament), and includes whatever passages they have quoted from the Old Testament. Apparently they also have an interactive website, commentary videos, tip sheets, etc.!

The neat thing (I think–I’ll find out when I actually do it) is that when you sign up for the plan, they remind you to read it each day, and you can check it off right there, etc. The first time I was looking over the YouVersion reading plans, I was using my mobile device (since that’s what it’s really made for), and every time I clicked on the tiny icon to find out more, I hit the “start plan” one instead. So I ended up “starting” MANY reading plans, 10-20… imagine getting all those reminders to do all that reading! Would have probably taken me ALL DAY!! :D But I guess when you don’t check it off they don’t bug you, ‘cos I didn’t get any more reminders after the first day.

Now I can’t wait for Easter!

“No, we neither make nor save ourselves. God does both the making and saving. He creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing.” (Ephesians 2:10)

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