Twin treats!

Everything went so smoothly today: got some baking done for Easter, had a friend over for supper, beat the boys at Foot, etc…. hard to choose what was really the “best” thing…

Maybe it was something I got to read this morning. My Dad sends me some of these, ‘cos they’re just so enjoyable. No, not jokes, or other such email-forwards. Simply Crystal, talking about her kids! This one included these two paragraphs about her twins:

Today Faith and Hope were sitting on my lap and they stuffed a toy down my shirt so they both tried to get it out and it flung up and hit me in the face. I yelled “ow” and Faith immediately says “OH sorry!” then she gives me a big hug, pats my back and gives me a kiss. lol What a SWEETHEART!


… Hope is so adorable. When she gets a bobo whether it’s a big or small or teeny tiny, she comes running, crying so hard that you would think she was dying….I give her a kiss where her bobo is and she immediately stops crying and runs off happy again… MY KISSES ARE MAGICAL!!!!

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2 Responses to Twin treats!

  1. Pappy says:

    Thank you for sharing Cathy X X hard not to eh ??

  2. Christine Belisle says:

    They are so wonderful to be around. I get all excited when I know they are coming…ha ha I get something like butterflies in my stomach and I always say to Richard excitedly the kids are coming!!!!……………. They sure do fill up your day. The other day Richard and I were playing pool and the twins were hanging around watching us and trying to catch the balls and going under our pool stick just when we’re about to shoot and just causing a whole lot of comotion so Richard backed the two of them up against the chair and told them not to move and he went on and on. And they just stood there and didn’t move and didn’t say a word….ha ha it was so funny. What good little kids. Then they started cheering for us every time we hit the ball. We didn’t even have to put a ball in the hole to get a whole bunch of cheering. So cute!

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