that Sweet fragrance that attracts

A friend had me over to her condo yesterday. The plan was to show me the Recreation area, and everything that is available for exercise, since she would like to have me come regularly so we can work out together. (I’m kind of stunned, since she is so skinny and beautiful!)

We started in her flat, with her offer of “energy” that I might need for the work out: a box of chocolate-covered cookies, a plate of plums, a plate of orange sections, and a bowl of cashews. It was just me!

Then we went downstairs, and she showed me the beautiful pool & hot tub, with an outdoor pool covered for now, the squash courts, badminton courts, tennis, etc. We chose one, and played badminton for a half hour. When we went back up to her apartment for a glass of water, she gave me three large plates of chow mein noodles to take home to my family! “I cooked too many” she said. o-O

This is a lady who became a Christian not too long ago, and she’s been bringing her friends to church ever since. She’s soooo sweet and friendly, and just “glows”.

I did feel a little foolish when we were discussing which sport to play. At first I said Tennis, getting a little mixed up… then asked what the difference was between tennis and badminton… then looked over at the guy waiting for us to say which equipment we were going to sign out… GAH! He didn’t let on though, how silly he must have thought I was.

But Lisa is definitely an excellent example of that “fragrance” that was mentioned in Sunday’s sermon!


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