guilty, as charged

There’s another place where I’m supposed to blog about my “weight loss journey”, but it seems like one journal is enough, really.

So, I’ve again lost those same 5 pounds that I lose every year about this time. They keep coming back! Lent should come maybe more than once a year. As long as Easter only came once though, and if only Summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. would come maybe once every second year… oh and Birthdays–we only need them about once every 5 years! :D

Obviously, I need a better plan for handling holiday treats. I’m thinking if only I would keep tracking the food I eat, throughout the holiday, and no matter how much Over I’m going on the calories… Maybe even make a quick note on paper, and calculate it in (on my SparkPeople account) later. The best would be to try and spread the treats out over a longer period, eating just a small amount each day, but I’m not sure that will actually happen.

One new thing I’ve been doing lately, is adding up all my calories for the week–and if there are any extra at the end of the week, Treat Time! Got that idea from Weight Watchers.

Speaking of sins…. ;) Pastor Brian gave us a good summary of the Passion, on Sunday, to help our thinking/reading during the week; as well as to help us share with unbelievers. Today is the Cleansing of the Temple, which is the second time Jesus did it–nothing had changed since the first time, near the beginning of His ministry. (He threw over the same tables… I keep losing the same 5 lbs…?  :P)

Something I thought of (all by myself!) as he listed the things Jesus predicted about His Passion:

  • His betrayal – was by His closest friends;
  • His trial – was by the Jewish leaders;
  • His mistreatment – was by the Gentiles (the Roman guards);
  • His crucifixion & death – was called for by the Jews (“Crucify Him!”) and carried out by the Gentiles… And we called it out (“Crucify Him!”) in the litany of our church service on Sunday, to remind ourselves that we are no better than they, and it is our sin that nailed Him to the tree…


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