The end of the story.

Well, we sort of finished watching The Gospel of John last night… Last year they had it on Netflix, but this year we had to find it on YouTube–which was very poor quality–and it cut out right when Jesus said “It is Finish–” (Bad joke?)  Oh well, we know how it ends! Which is NOT with Jesus’ death, btw.

I liked the actor they had for Jesus, except that he was often wearing his tunic open way down his chest. Just a tiny bit too sexy.

The whole movie is basically a reading of the Gospel of John, with some of the conversation done by the actors. Jesus was so enigmatic, in many of the things He said, yet people were so drawn to Him! The disciples felt comfortable enough to ask questions… And interesting that even up to their last days with Jesus, they seemed to have some niggling doubts… (“Do you finally believe?”) It says to me that we should be more accepting of such people–these guys were accepted in Jesus’ inner circle after all!

Speaking of accepting people. The movie showed a woman tagging along with the disciples at the Last Supper, and on into the garden. One side of my mind said, “Yeah right, I don’t think that happened–they’re just trying to be ‘politically correct’.” But the other side of me kind of enjoyed it. She wasn’t in any way inappropriately closer to Jesus than the others, but was definitely included as He lay a hand on each of them, during His talking. The thought came to me that she was replacing Judas, who had left to do his dirty deed. (Even though the disciples did choose someone to replace Judas much later.)

Women are often seen as being more spiritually perceptive than men, and I believe that was certainly true of the woman who washed Jesus feet, anointed them with perfume and dried them with her hair. (I’d love to know more about that hair-thing… was that common in those days?) That woman knew Jesus was going to die, as Jesus said, “She has done it in preparation for my burial.” She had been getting it, when Jesus told his disciples about His upcoming death; while the men refused to understand.

That anointing is what happens in today’s Holy Week readings, that and Judas’ decision to betray. Love, and hate.

Aaaand, today’s Holy Week activity:

–bringing this to the Midweek Kids tonight! The girls were soooo thrilled when we put this together last week: they each made a cross while I put the “empty tomb” in place with the dirt, etc. I saw this on the internet, and happened to have everything on hand… except the grass seed. So rather than buy a bag of grass seed for $15, we planted lettuce… “Lettuce praise the Risen Lord!” :D


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