Am I praying for you?

At some point during Holy Week, I invariably spend some time fasting. Now, according to scriptural instruction, we are to do our fasting in secret, so I’ll not tell you exactly when or what (it could be something really small… in which case I’d be better to admit it I suppose, lol!) Fasting can be difficult though, if you’re not actually praying.

What will I pray about this Holy week? Thought you’d never ask! :P While prayer should happen throughout the day, and our thoughts & actions are prayers, blah blah blah–definitive times of prayer are also important. (Otherwise my prayers are like misty wisps in my brain that often float away before I can see what they are.) So writing it down helps the focus.

1) I’m praying for the youth who are being so deceived in today’s culture/media, into accepting things that are so wrong. They’re wrong because of the harm they do, not only to others, but to themselves. Adults are also being readily deceived, but the younger it starts, the harder it’ll be to root out/heal. (Though nothing is too hard for God.) And the hurt that happens is both physical and deep inside one’s being. While I’m praying, may I remember that I’ve been deceived myself in the past. And I pray that I’ll not be so afraid of hate and embarrassment when the opportunity comes to speak–for their sake, for God’s sake, Who loves them so.

2) I’m praying for those who cannot seem to believe in the Resurrection. May they determine to keep seeking for the truth, may they be willing to know it! Because if Christ really did rise from the dead of course, there are implications. It means they really are “bad enough” to need Someone to go through such suffering and death for them. A difficult thing, but something that comes from the Holy Spirit (conviction)–if only people are open to the truth. (And that could possibly begin with my case for christ tag over there>>… notes I made over a year.) That low, difficult place is where one has to go before one can be lifted back up, to begin anew.

3) Of course, I’m praying for my church, that we will be unified as The Church, and confident in God’s will, no matter what happens.


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