Heaven’s help

Oh my, just had one of those things that most people would call “coincidence”. As I was thinking about what to post, uppermost in my mind is the weight I’ve gained over the holiday. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, so does that mean I’m not responsive to the Spirit? And I thought of the verse that says we should “stir up the Spirit within”.

But before I post every morning, I do some “archive-reading”–usually of what I blogged on this date 2 years ago. You guessed it, 2 years ago I was talking about “stirring up the Spirit within”! You know, I think God allowed that to happen mainly to comfort me, after this morning’s “weigh-event”. :) However, when I think of it, I really don’t connect with Him that much when I’m on holiday… I’ll have to fix that for sure.

Just recently I’ve been thinking/reading of Peter, when Jesus spoke to him about the hard trial that was coming for him, and how Jesus had prayed for him, and when he’d come out of it he was to help the others. Then Peter proclaimed he’d die with Jesus, and Jesus told him about the denial Peter was about to do.

So does that mean Jesus’ prayer failed, since Peter denied Jesus? No! But this was Peter’s darkest hour, this was the trial Jesus meant: that horrible moment of self-realization, when you know that you’re not what you thought you were–in fact, a lot worse! When you think of it, none of the other disciples did such a terrible thing as deny Jesus, but it was Peter who became the Rock that God used to help build the Church. Because he’d been through this particular trial–which helped him forever after know that he couldn’t do anything without God’s help, and would always give Him all the credit.

John answered, “It’s not possible for a person to succeed – I’m talking about eternal success – without heaven’s help.” (John 3:27)

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