A peek into the life of a 5-Kid Mom

No need to waste time thinking of what to post. I believe it’s been written for me, today. Of course, I really should ask her permission, etc…. but she’s my niece, she’ll forgive me! Especially if I mention the Proud Mom parts: like Dylan waking up the next morning after a day of bad-attitude and apologizing whole-heartedly to his mom at the breakfast table; and Kaydance about to start walking, though she won’t be 1 until August!

First a little background, just in case you need it. Crystal & Michel have 5 kids: Dylan is 8, Jasmine is 5, the twin girls Faith & Hope are 2, and Kaydance, as mentioned, will be 1 in August. Crystal thinks the world of each of her children, and loves to brag on any of them–how cute and sweet they are, how good, etc. We’ve been telling her she should have a “Mom blog”, but of course there is the obvious question of Time. Mind you, she always has time to send an update to Nanny & Pappy. (Dad keeps all the emails for her anyway.) Which is where this comes from. To help the feeling of anguish you might have as you read this one, remember that it only happens when Dylan has baseball. :)

…when he has baseball and Michel is working, we drive Michel to work for 3pm and then come home, eat supper and go to baseball with the van for 6:30. Then we go back home about 7:45pm, the kids all get baths and dressed for bed, then we get in the van around 8:30pm and drive down to Walmart and sit in the parking lot until Michel is off at 11:30pm. (the kids go to sleep of course in the van). Anyways, this past Thursday I decided to let the kids sleep in their beds and wake them at 11pm to go and pick up Michel. So I go into Dylan’s room first, wake him up. He’s like a rock and next to impossible to wake up, seriously! Anyways, I try to help him get dressed and he’s not cooperating so I stand him up and tell him to dress himself while I go get Jasmine. So I go into Jasmine’s room and lift her out of bed and bring her into the hallway, then I notice that Dylan went back and crawled back into bed. So I leave Jasmine in the hallway and go get Dylan back out of bed, bring him into the hallway only to find out that Jasmine has crawled back into her bed!!!! LOL So then I took Jasmine out again and brought her downstairs and thankfully Dylan was right behind me lol. For a minute there though, I didn’t think we were going to get going hahahaha LOL then back up the stairs 3 more times to get the babies in the van. So in total 10 times up and down the stairs–does that count as a workout?? ;)

Anguish is close to what I felt as I read her Facebook status yesterday, when she described how she was looking all over for Faith–up and down the stairs, out back, out front… all the while hearing a tiny far-away voice calling “mommy”… Even though Faith has never opened the outside door before, Crystal says “she’s been surprising me since she was born with the things that she is capable of doing”, so she was indeed beginning to worry. “FINALLY I was in her room when I heard her call me again; I open her closet door (which has a baby safety handle cover on it so I don’t know how she got in it)–there’s Faith with a big smile on her face!!!!! HA HA HA NOT!”

Crystal loves her life, though she will admit that she’s not really a Super-Mom. Does she think she has a lot of kids though? One more paragraph from her email to my dad:

Went bike riding with all the kids today to the library, but it was closed so we went to the park and then we went to a little fishing spot at the end of our street. The kids really like it there. While I was riding home Kaydance’s shoe fell off. The woman in the car driving behind me pulled over, got out and went and picked it up for me. Isn’t that nice?! She said she had to because she could see that my hands were full with “ALL THESE KIDS” lol I have to laugh when people act like 5 kids is SOOOOO MUCH! I mean it is, but not really, lol.

:D :D THANK YOU for being a guest on my blog, Crystal!! :D


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3 Responses to A peek into the life of a 5-Kid Mom

  1. Crystal says:

    haha…you are forgiven of course and you are welcome. Thanks for having me ;) xo

  2. Jen says:

    Crystal is one of the best Moms I know!!! She not only has five children that she keeps alive and healthy and happy, which sounds impossible on its own, but her five children are the BEST behaved children I have ever met! They are so polite and respectful with adults and other children, and they look out for each other all the time!
    Wonderful family :)

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