Here’s to you!! XO

So, you know that Sweet Girl we’re always talking about? Here she is!

I took quite a few pictures yesterday, with my handy-dandy iPhone… several of them would have been better (so I’ve discovered) with my “real” camera, but it would have been difficult to bring that with us to the Ball Game, which is where we went after celebrating This Event. And we’d traveled downtown by bus & subway, so it’s not like we could have stored it in the vehicle.

I’m sure we’ve told you before how smart Sam’s Sweetie is, but it was totally confirmed yesterday, with various profs coming by to rave about her… AND, who should come with hugs & kisses, like an old friend, telling us how smart she is, but the DEAN OF THE WHOLE PLACE!!! (Ryerson U) He wasn’t just saying it either–he knows her from being her prof in previous years, before he became Dean. He’s one of these genius guys, who could remember the exact classes she was in, with him, from years before.

One more thing I want to add: it’s not just the brains that shine here, but the PERSEVERANCE!! And I really do think her Mom should get some applause here too, for helping her through it.

I have to say, it was good to have both Devon’s parents there at the celebration supper afterwards (at Jack Astor’s), to have some company among all these Brainy Kids–Devon’s brother and sister were there as well (you know I’m getting old when I can call 30-somethings “kids”), who are also extremely smart, along with our own Smart Kid. They’re all coming up tall & brainy these days, I tell ya! (Oh… also SHORT and brainy.. :D)


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  1. Murray Lahn says:

    Congratulations Devon!! It’s a great achievement and 8’m sure gives you great pridevand satisfaction know that you’ve accomplished all you have so far. Looking forward to the next part of the journey!

    God Bless!!!

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