If it takes forever…

Most “diet programs” tell you that you have to make a lifestyle change, if you’re serious about having a healthy weight. You’re not supposed to think “Someday I’ll be the right weight, and I can eat whatever I want again”. I’ve always balked at that lifestyle-change idea, because I just love my food! It would be soooo hard to think of having to say “no” forever, to some foods–much easier to give them up if I know I can have them again, someday!

But I’ve just realized that I actually did make a step towards “lifestyle change”, when I decided to make a rule NEVER to have chips again. And now I’ve thought of another rule: never have seconds of anything, ever (well… unless it’s teeny-tiny?) Of course, I know that mistakes happen, and all you can do is brush yourself off and climb back onto the wagon (and yes, it’s already happened!) Another lifestyle change I’ve made, is to not save favourite “sin-foods” for special occasions, but to have little bits more often–that way you don’t feel like overdoing it, when you only get it a few times a year.

Yeah, these changes are adding up! It sure took a long time to get to them. Oh well, if it takes forever… and if I just gave up, imagine how fat I’d be!!


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