cheese curds and blueberries

… Not both at the same time, but perhaps both on the same day–if you happen to be on your way home to Toronto from Hearst, in August. The Thornloe Cheese Factory is always a stop for us, and there’s great hand-dipped ice cream there as well!

Turns out our last day at the lake near Hearst was also fairly nice (see previous post to explain “also”), especially in the evening. We just didn’t even feel like going in, sitting by the campfire with that warm breeze blowing by–plus the fact that the sun doesn’t even think about setting until close to 10 pm.

All in all, we left hot, hot temps in Toronto to find most of our vacation days rather cool, windy, and even lots of rain–by Lake Superior, Thunder Bay, and Hearst. They all said they’d had hot weather too, and were looking forward to rain, so I guess we’re the culprits! However, the rain was often during the night, and it happened about 3 times that we got packed and away just before it really came down.

So while Lake Superior has one kind of music, Hearst lakes have LOONS, and sometimes Northern lights! Neither of which we got much of this time around… So while this should be a post to give Hearst equal treatment, go here and remember what happened two years ago! If we’d had better weather we might have sat out and played games with the family, but in fact we all enjoyed some alone-time–reading (and working on pictures, doing puzzles). Even the Hearst-ites had already had lots of visitors, and needed some rest! We certainly must have enjoyed ourselves, because the time just flew by! As usual, we were well-treated with Moose Dinners, homemade breakfasts, and everyone making sure to stop by for a visit. (Some of whom had watched our Facebook check-in progress until we got to Longlac, where the Internet dropped away, for us Rogers-users.)

Now that we’re almost home (back in Internet-land!), the weather has improved again. Last night and early this morning it was so cold that we felt like we couldn’t wait to get back to where the Summer was! :D Our trailer furnace was actually running last night, and a couple of nights last week.

Yeah, so looking forward to getting home… which is the whole purpose of going on vacation, right?

(Written yesterday, since I knew things would be to busy to write it when I got back!)

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