a note to make a note…

Hard to believe that only 4 days ago, we were still on vacation! It was a wonderful time, with three different “legs” to it–see previous 3 posts.

Even though I said it would be good to get home… it didn’t take long before I was missing the simplicity of the vacation schedule. Maybe it’s time to “simplify”, AGAIN! But there’s just soooo many things to do, that I WANT to do; and so many choices for recreational activities–pictures, puzzles, lavender… no wonder “play time” can be so stressful! :D

One thing I’m planning on, whether or not it gets done, is to make a vacation tag (or, I see this thought partially came to me last summer, with a “camping” tag), so I can make notes for next time. But in looking over tags, apparently I made notes LAST year, for this year–but completely forgot about them!

Gah! See what I mean about needing to simplify?

By the way, Ontario Parks has an excellent reservation system on their website. You pick a site, and you can see lots of details about it, and even 2 or 3 pictures of it! Even though it was hard to think about when we’ve just unpacked, we’ve already booked Sturgeon Bay for Labour Day weekend; in fact, we were lucky to find a site! We’ve barely heard of that one, but it’s on Georgian Bay so it must be nice enough.


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