Notes for next Long Trip/Vacation/Camping

((Hope this doesn’t show up on Facebook… just updating an old post.))

NOTE: There is now a “Packing List” in Pages.

  1. Make a list of meals that would be OTHER than 5 different bbq, meat & potatoe meals! And don’t forget to bring the recipes & utensils/dishes needed for them.
  2. Didn’t bring fruit & lemonade… but THERE WAS LOTS OF ROOM IN THE FRIDGE!!!! (Really missed my lemonade!)
  3. Don’t camp so close to the firepit that you can’t have a fire. (JUST DO IT!)
  4. Remember that 3 weeks is “long enough”!
  5. Exercises: KEEP IT SIMPLE/easy. In 2012 did the main 3 strength training for women.
  6. BE SURE to check the dates carefully with Sam BEFORE booking. (Consider letting him stay home? Or staying with Sweet Girl?)
  7. Having an extra bathing suit was great… and camping near the pool/hot tub is important, especially for rainy/cool days.
  8. My own audio book to listen to on a long trip is also a great thing!


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