Please Hold

Since I decided that my “funny” category has to be something that happened to me/us personally (there are enough jokes and comedy sites out there), it’s not always easy to come up with something on “funny” day.

But here’s something. Imagine an alarm company that has an automated system, that calls you in the middle of the night. Rej was too sleepy to answer it, so it kept calling back. When he finally picked up the phone in the morning, a recorded voice says, “Please wait while we connect you…” and eventually you even get put on hold. And here’s the kicker: the recorded message doesn’t even say who’s calling, so Rej ended up yelling at them (very loudly), until they finally said it was the alarm company.

The automated system was calling because there was a disconnect somehow, and they wanted to make sure everything was alright. Turns out it was just a glitch of some kind. However, the guy forgot to clear it out of the system, so it called us back again later in the day.

Can you picture it in your mind: someone is sneaking in to rob us, maybe even kill us, and the automated system says “Please hold…” !? Or the Bad Guy disconnects the system, and while they it is trying to call us back again and again, he is already on the plane to Mexico! It’s funny, but not so funny… so yeah, we’re switching alarm companies.

Meanwhile… let’s see if I can get this memory verse one more time–with the correct reference this time!! Don’t know about this memorizing, though. I went to my Memory Verse page to look them over, and could hardly remember any of them. Oh well, fun to read them over anyway. :$

“But when Israel cried out to the Lord for help, the Lord raised up a man to rescue them.” (Judges 3:9)


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  1. Cheryl says:

    I can just hear Rej, in a booming voice like the Alarm Force Central guy in the commercials, yelling at the alarm company. I agree about changing companies. If they couldn’t reach anyone by phone and thought there might be a problem, they should have been banging down your front door!

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