Think now… are you SURE you can do ANYTHING?

If there’s anything to remind me that I CAN’T do anything, if I just try hard enough, that would be my failure to hold on to my weight loss. Don’t we all need something to keep us humble! It reminds me how wonderful it is that God could truly love someone like me.

For years and years and years, and years and years… those few pounds I lose come back over the summer, and at Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and… I can. not. keep them off. Don’t tell me different, I just can’t!

However. I’m very thankful that my fitness is indeed, improving! It’s not only those bicycle crunches that are so much easier than they used to be. If I can’t get excited about that reflection in the mirror, at least I am excited that soon I’ll be doing some run intervals! Over the summer we’ve slowly been increasing the number of times to go around that looong block (Frank Rivers Drive), and we’re now up to 4 X, which takes almost an hour. Next week I’m going to change the route to make sure that it does take an hour. Then, “when you can walk for an hour comfortably…” you’re ready to run! Ah, the feeling of breathing hard, and knowing you’ve really accomplished something!

(OK now, what was that verse in Samuel… something about being sure to worship the Lord… and think of all the good things he has done for you… oops… :S)


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