New Moon

Happy New Month!! Don’t you feel like it’s time for something new?

We’re here at a new campground, for us–Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park. It’s very small, but really quite nice. Only thing is, there are no walking trails, and nowhere to walk except around the park. This one is good for going out on a boat though, and for fishing, and there’s a small sandy beach for families. OH, and, this morning I heard a LOON!!

September is such a great time for changes… you could say it’s just the same old thing of school starting up again, but–look at the kids themselves. Lots of changes there! Speaking of “school”, we’ve got a bunch of things lined up for September, enough to feel quite busy. One is even a course (urged on us by people at our church) where you could possibly get college credit. We’ll see how that goes!

This is the last Summer Holiday (6-day weekend, for Retired People), and I’m wondering about this Internet stuff, and the way you can get it almost anywhere nowadays. I’m still making calendar adjustments, according to schedules arriving by email, and checking things on the church website. But it’ll make the rush of catching-up easier when we get home.

I’m even going to spend some time planning for the Midweek Kids starting up again. Not that I have to do that one, I’m just too excited to wait.

But never mind, yesterday I spent the afternoon sleeping. Then woke up in the middle of the night and read my book for a few hours. :$ And of course, I’m still spending lots of time working on pictures!

“Be sure to fear the Lord and sincerely worship him. Think of all the things he has done for you.” (1 Samuel 12:24)?


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