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It seems strange to be posting so seldom, these days. Blame the studying that needs to be done, I suppose, for this Perspectives course. At least the reading, as much as it is, is not difficult to follow. It’s actually quite good! I won’t make notes on it here though, since that would probably be some kind of infringement of copyright, or something. :P

Have you seen how the Canadian Mint wants to sue some poor musician for putting pennies on the cover of his CD!?

Can you tell it’s one of those days when I just start typing, even though there isn’t much to say? Although, I should tell you about a great cousin of mine.

When she was little, we called her “Ju-ju” (Julie). Now of course, she’s quite grown up, with a couple of grown sons. She works hard at a hospital (not a nurse), as well as looking after a husband who is not always well. Beyond her immediate family, she’s always there for the rest of her family as well–her mom being one person who has needed her help in the past, as well as one of her sisters. Just recently, another cousin of ours (with 5 young children) has had the tragic event of her home burning to the ground–everyone safe, thank Goodness. But depend on Julie to spread the word around & organize some collections of clothing, etc.! I’m sure she would say that it’s just the natural thing to do, and wouldn’t anyone else do the same in that situation… but I say, it’s natural for her anyway–and I’m not surprised!

“O Lord, you are my light. Yes Lord, you light up my darkness.” (2 Samuel 22:29)


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