Particular things to be thankful for

Of course we’re all thankful for love, God, health, all that jazz. (Funny how I’d feel guilty if I didn’t mention that!) But this particular weekend, camped here at Earl Rowe Provincial Park, there are particular things to be thankful for.

  • A warm day or two when we arrived, so we could sit outside and enjoy it.
  • The lively, rustly breeze in the tops of the trees, that didn’t bother us way down on the ground.
  • The ambition to have a campfire, and cook wieners over it, one night.
  • A cooler day to go for an hour’s walk, that actually took 1 hour and 5 minutes.
  • The brilliant Fall colours (such a common thing to say, but they’re so beautiful that one can’t help saying it, every time!)
  • The smell of pines at this campground–smells like Christmas!
  • That we return on Monday WITHOUT the trailer to block up the driveway! (And that the storage fee is very reasonable.)
  • A new schedule, now that it can be safely assumed that there are no more Wednesday night Kids (and the feeling of “weird” slowly progressing to “something new”).
  • Some pumpkin pie-ish treats to look forward to, from the local farmer’s market.
  • A wonderful 25th Anniversary celebration that was worth driving back for last night! (How many such parties do you go to that end in prayer and blessing?! :D)
  • The ability to sleep so well, and still feel like sleeping more this morning!

Now, just to finish off the info about this park (because of my ‘camping’ tag): our site is one of the handicapped ones, with a cement pad; but very private, lots of trees. Sam & Rej might actually be able to find their own way to the showers by following the cement walkway. We’ll get to know this place pretty well because of the trailer storage, but I’m looking forward to trying out the myriad hiking trails they have!

And when the traffic is good, it’s only an hour away from home… since we weren’t bothering to take the trailer back to the other/closer/more expensive place half the time, over the camping season, an hour’s drive is not bad at all.


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