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waiting and running

(I have to post more often, so I can practise this memory verse!) So this weekend, I’m waiting until after company is gone, before finishing the decorating. Because Rej’s sister might think it’s way too early! After all, most people … Continue reading

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It will not fail.

You may have noticed that I’ve started my Advent themes already, even though the first Sunday of Advent is not until this Sunday. Problem is, with Christmas being on a Tuesday this year, it makes that fourth week of Advent … Continue reading

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it hastens toward the goal…

When you read “What are you waiting for?” it could be taken at least a couple of different ways. One way is in the sense of the speaker being impatient: “What are you waiting for, JUST DO IT!!!” Aside from … Continue reading

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wait for it

Naked!! That’s what is right in front of me right now: a naked tree! Yesterday’s job was to put it there, but I had to wait for today to decorate it. Oh my “waiting” is such a fitting theme, and … Continue reading

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one more time

Got my memory verse a little wrong, so I’ll have to try it just one more time! Also, a couple of verses seem very appropriate, from my reading this morning: “Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word. … Continue reading

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Catch the vision

So I’ve unchecked the automatic post-to-facebook… in fact, only a few people will likely read this. Not about running this time though! I just want to relieve my mind of certain thoughts, around our church. After all, the Proposal was … Continue reading

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simple me

I’m so thankful that there are lots of people who are good at arguing the “issues” (like my son, for example), because it’s sure not my thing! Is it because I’m afraid of losing, shrink from conflict, don’t want to … Continue reading

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the risk of freedom

Gotta get the cleaning done, ‘cos Nanny & Pappy are coming tomorrow! :D  Which means, I’ll be trying a morning run, for a change. Yesterday, I discovered that I’ve been doing it wrong for 2 weeks–shortchanging myself of one walk-jog … Continue reading

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share and share alike

Just briefly noting some things about last Sunday’s sermon. It was about “Sharing the Load”, using the scripture from Exodus where Moses’ father-in-law counseled him to delegate, rather than wear himself out. I think we’re actually pretty good at sharing … Continue reading

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to be God’s people, in every ethnicity

Our Perspectives class last night was all about crossing cultural barriers. We have to be so careful not to prejudge. For example: the speaker told how he was accusing one of the other teachers of being racist, because he (white) … Continue reading

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