You Don’t Know Til You Try

Some things never change! You may remember me saying that I read my earlier posts (just so I can be embarrassed about myself and keep humble :P); each day I read the one from the same date of 2 years before. And there was that feeling of “I’m always thinking I’ll get things done and have extra time, but I never do!” And all the jobs that are on my list again right now: leaves, wood floor, etc.

But the title of that post 2 years ago today (about other stuff shared as well as the “todo” stuff), kind of fits with what I was planning on sharing today: “you can know if you really want to…”

YouVersion keeps tempting me with their new reading plans, so even though I was trying to cut down on them, I signed up for the 7-day one about prayer. It hasn’t been too bad, although a couple of them didn’t seem to have a lot to do with prayer. I like how he said that God almost always answers “yes”… I guess if you’re praying “according to his will” like we’re supposed to. Or, he changes your mind as you pray, to come ’round “according to his will”. (Tricky, Lord, very tricky, but I love it!) Anyway, I’m going to copy a couple of the good paragraphs from today’s reading–not because I’m going through anything particular myself, but I feel that there are others “in my sphere of influence” that may be.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going through heartbreaks in ministry or family or in your career or whatever. These crises are prime times to go to God and say, “I’m not seeing it Lord. I’m not feeling it. Why would You allow us to go through this?” … insight to help you understand what’s happening and why it’s happening will come through prayer! And you won’t know this until you pray!

Prayer: Almighty God, You know the things I’m afraid to bring up to You because they seem to cast doubt on Your goodness or sovereignty. Remind me that I don’t have to “cover” for You. Show me that I can trust You with things that look impossible to understand or to endure. Teach me that You will always be with me, even when I don’t understand. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(emphasis mine)

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