Love Compassion!

Don’t you think we need something, this morning, to make us smile?

I’ve said before how Compassion (the excellent organization through whom we have our sponsored child) always says things so well. The other day their website wasn’t working. It’s the fad these days, to pop up a witty saying when that happens, something like: “we have hundreds of little men working on the problem”, etc. Compassion simply said, “if you’re bored, here’s a joke”. The joke is kind of “not funny” (though it makes you smile), but I find it even funnier to read their comment that comes after the joke. Here’s the joke:

One balmy day in the South Pacific, sailors aboard a navy ship saw smoke coming from one of three huts on an uncharted island. Upon arriving at the shore they were met by a shipwreck survivor. He said, “I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been alone on this island for more than five years!”

The captain replied, “If you’re all alone on the island why are there three huts?”

The survivor said, “Oh, well, I live in one, and go to church in another.”

“What about the third hut?” asked the captain.

“That’s where I USED to go to church.”

Ouch! Here’s the comment that comes afterwards: “Okay, maybe it wasn’t that funny, but we’re working on web servers. There’s only so much funny we can handle at one time.”


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