Review: Unexpected Journey, theatre service, Duke of Kent

Wow, what a difference at this theatre! We had speculated that this one, being on the subway route, would probably have had more experience with people using the Described Video equipment–and I think we were right. They immediately asked questions that the people at the other place never asked (“enhanced, or described?) Plus, the lady came inside the theatre and watched us for the thumbs up, when it was time for the feature to start. Sam’s took a minute before it started working, so she was right there, another headset ready, just in case!

As for the movie, well, yes of course it added some extra things! How else could they do three money-making movies out of the shortest novel of the series? At the beginning, I was quite enthralled with the scenery, and the actor for Bilbo was fabulous, perfect! But as the movie progressed, it was obvious that a lot of the camera angle was on-purpose-to-make-you dizzy… sure glad I wasn’t seeing it in 3D! Plus, there was waaay too much violence, much more than Tolkein intended; besides the just plain grossness of how the “bad guys” looked. They also added some extra little “morals” that were not in the story. And come now, that prince-dwarf would NOT have hugged Bilbo!

However, I’m not sure that these criticisms would keep me from watching the next movies… nor am I totally sure I want to see them. Although, that scenery is really quite beautiful.

OH–after the movie, we discovered something rather delightful: right across the street was a pub called “The Duke of Kent”, which was crowded and noisy, but our Foursquare app told us to go upstairs where it would be at least a little quieter. It also told us to have the fish & chips, and the sticky toffee pudding (hints that others leave). Rej & Sam loved the fish, and I loved the pudding! I also found my main course delicious–“pot roast” sandwich, with the “jus” to dip it in. We were quite happy about it, because so often you go to a new restaurant and find the food so-so. Besides all that, most things on the menu were very reasonable prices.

So… maybe we’ll be going to the movies more often!


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