Come together

“The willingness to risk controversy is part of what it means to be salt and light.” This is what I had saved from last summer–a month before we started Perspectives, one of the very ideas I’ve already said that Perspectives opened my eyes about!

Churches have always had a problem with taking that risk, starting way back when Peter had to be called out by Paul, because he was doing something he knew was wrong, just to avoid controversy (not being “seen” with Gentiles). We prefer to take comfort in our rituals and in the way we’ve “always done things”. That is what you call dead religion.

Eric Metaxas, in this article, also refers to “being agents of reconciliation”, which is something else talked about in Perspectives, as well as in a few of my Henri Nouwen devotionals recently. Reconciliation is our work (or, God’s work through us)… bringing people together: with each other (blacks & whites, Jews & Gentiles, etc.), and with God.


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