mittens, mittens everywhere

Ah, the age-old experience of having something–a fragrance, a familiar tune, etc.–bring you right back into a certain “ambiance” in your past.

scrapbooking page of snow- photos with kids

When I read that “mittens, mittens everywhere…” it reminds me of a little children’s story, in the form of a poem, with lines like this: “The three little kittens lost their mittens, and they began to cry…” And that brings me right back, makes me feel like I did then. Which is hard to describe, but I guess it has something to do with being a little kid. Maybe it was the first thing I could memorize, or something.

I can still remember turning the pages of the little book, feeling bad for the poor little kittens, etc. But, as all good stories do, it had a good ending: “Oh mother dear, see here! See here! We have found our mittens!” And then, the mommy cat responding something like this: “What? Found your mittens? You good little kittens! Now you shall have some pie!”

Yeah, maybe it was the pie idea that I liked…. which would mean I haven’t changed! :D

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