“overwhelmingly trustworthy”

Gotta get this quote logged, so I can close the browser tab I’ve been keeping open. I shall link to it on my Simple! page.

A paragraph from an article dealing with this recent “Jesus’ wife” thing:

“…the fact remains that only the four canonical gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – offer overwhelmingly trustworthy evidence about the life of Christ. Unlike any apocryphal document, they were written mere decades after the time of Jesus, when many eyewitnesses were still living. They are attested by thousands of manuscripts, far more than any other document of classical antiquity, by several orders of magnitude. There can be no honest, reasonable doubt, historically or logically, that they present a true and accurate portrait of Christ. And this portrait is sufficient for us to know Him, believe in Him, and have eternal life in His name.”

It stands to reason then, that you should read the gospels… Start with any of them–Mark is the shortest, John is the deepest. Whether you’re searching/questioning, or you’ve already decided to follow Christ–both are equally important reasons to read them!

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