Swim at Your Own Risk

How often do you miss details? One of my favourite things to do, is to look at a photo sloooowly, and make sure you’ve taken in every little detail. For example, these two photos from 1991.

Crystal & Angele skating on pool, slide with drawings taped to it

Crystal helping Angele skate on pool, plastic chair beside

Glancing over these previously, I assumed they were taken the same day. Doesn’t take much studying though, before you realize the difference–one picture has a lot more snow!

These were taken at my parents’ home when they lived in Quebec, in the Ottawa Valley. You’ve likely seen some beautiful summer pictures of this very pool. No wonder Crystal likes to take her kids skating so much–here she is teaching Little Sister Angele.

The curious detail that I hadn’t noticed before: what in the world are all those papers, tacked to the slide in the first one? Looks like something the kids were doing, drawings, etc. But what do the signs say? “Warning, Ice Below” or something? :D:D

EDIT: Read the comments on this post (click on the first photo to see the comments)–the mom of these girls tells on them (cute)!

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