Winter Birds

Better tuck this away in here, since neither of these photos are mine, nor do I have any idea where they originally came from!

red-headed wood pecker, and yellow bird with blue cap & snow on its head

I know my cousin Michelle shared the woodpecker on Facebook the other day, but don’t know where it came from before that. The other bird (does anyone know what it’s called?) I’ve had for quite awhile… it must have come on one of those power-point things that you used to get in emails.

Aren’t they gorgeous? Love the way the colours show up on a snowy background. In fact, I’m so enamoured with these photos, that they are presently my desktop background.

While we’re talking of “stolen goods”, I’d better give you the website for the poet I’ve been using lately. (And speaking of nature, since she writes about it so well!) Here is the official website for Luci Shaw.


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