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What could I do to entice you to try poetry? Reading it, I mean. If I shared something I’d written myself, would you be curious to see how weird I can be? :D

A good poet, or any artist for that matter, is someone who “bares to the world”–those people really spill their guts out, and share pieces of themselves. Not that it doesn’t take more than that to be a good poet or artist, of course!

I’m still sifting through junk. In fact, I’m using tags etc., to sort out some stuff, so that I can come back to them when I want to. Here’s a poem that takes me “right back” to when I was in high school, and the pressure I felt when I wrote it–exam time!

High School Pressure

Lit report to be in Friday,
History test tomorrow,
Failed my Functions test, forgot a book in my locker,
Lost my pen; When will this end?
Work, work, work. Skip lunch–work.
Work straight thru spare, Work, work, work,
Homework, I don’t care.
Let them persecute me, I wish they’d execute me!
I need physical ammunition, Can’t I have a restitution?
I can do it, I can work thru it;
The deep pile of assignments.
I can work–steadily-steadily-steadily,
If I: “work as unto the Lord, “with determination,
zeal of love.
But persistence
lowers my life to existence!
Yesterday is today, Today is tomorrow,
No time for smiles or sorrow!
Steadily, steadily,
Study steadily,
Steadily study,
Studily steady–Steady!
I appeal
To someone–
it’s not revealed
who’s at the top–
Pusher of Education,
but I wish he would STOP!
I need some relaxation!
I’ll cry for joy when I graduate,
I’ll get employed–I won’t strenuate!
Knowledge soars, Machines roar,
and all the while–
the Wise smile
at the stupidity
   of knowledge.
I haven’t stability
  to try College!
I’m not tough
  or dumb enough!
For the clever know
what really shows
  True Knowledge.


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