kiss in my eye

night through a frosty window

galaxies glisten
across glass
the constellations
crowd between
clustered frost beads
tangle in their
ice-bright fringes
inches from my face
sealed-in stars
play with the planets
two kinds of tingling light
touch fingers
kiss in my eye
near to far
to near
tells me
they are worlds apart
melted by a breath
now they all swim together
on the dark pane
(Luci Shaw)

In case you’re interested in my process here: every time I Post Poetry (:P), it gets tagged with the book it comes from, minus small words (for example, this book is “Listen to the Green”; another book is called “Worms Wiggle, Bugs Jiggle”, but the tag is just “worms bugs”); plus the season in which I might like to read it again. As well as the tag “poetry” of course. Oh, and the title of my “book” is “mine”, haha!

I just have so many poetry books that never get opened, yet are so full of delights! So if I read through and pick out my favourites to put here, I’ll be able to read them over again each season. Plus, maybe you can enjoy them too!

bright sunrise, through mom and dad's trees

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