No fight today!

For the 4 people who read me, and wish to see something other than poetry here once in awhile, let me tell you what’s been distracting around our place lately: we got Cable.

After years of barely watching any TV, even though we had satellite, things have changed! At least, until the newness has worn off. Thing is though, more and more programs are being described (for my visually impaired guys). But the thing that made it really tempting is that with today’s technology, they can control absolutely everything from their iPhones! It acts as a remote, they can set up the PVR to record programs, etc. etc. Even I might want to use the feature, since you can set up recording from anywhere; for example, if I was away on vacation and suddenly remembered that I was going to miss a show… Oh, AND–you can just type in the name of the program, and get it to record every time the show comes on (and choose “new episodes only”), even if it’s on at different times! Besides everything else, Rogers (commercial here… even though it took quite a few mishaps to get the whole thing set up) gives Blind People a free box!

There are some things that could definitely work better (are we getting spoiled?) But one could assume that these things will improve as people give their feedback.

This is now too long to add anything else, but hey–poetry is easy to glaze over, right? Since it’s so much like Spring today… this one was written in a place where there was always so much snow in the winter, that it was really exciting when you could actually see dirt again. And I do realize that my own stuff is far from good (these are from high school days)but, they do have memories for me.

The Season of the Fight

Splashes of sand eating back the snowbanks:
Grey, salty, ragged tufts,
Millions of tiny, dirty and delicate
Crystal Caves.
Torn from its glory
by patches of brown grass,
Edges of fallen logs,
mounds of black mud,
whole cliffs jutting out,
and hairs of dead weeds and bulrushes:
     graves uncovered, some are found
          still standing.
Huge black crows,
and flocks of tiny sparrows
    Cheer on Spring.
Some are tense and distraught
     by this scene of the muddy fight.
But, excited,
     I see The Winner.
Winter may have
    momentary victory, but
it is time
for Spring to triumph.
     the Sun is laughing!
The earth will soon
     burst forth
         in rejoicing!

squirrel poking its head out of the snowThis picture is Mom & Dad’s, but this morning we’ve been watching a racoon going up and down our two trees.


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2 Responses to No fight today!

  1. Ken Woodhouse says:

    What amazes me about cable/satellite choices is that although their are mega-loads (is that even a word?) to choose from I find myself clicking through the stations and not finding anything I want to watch. Technology has now made it a longer process to find out there’s absolutely nothing you really want to watch lol.

    • crazycathie says:

      Yes, there sure are lots of choices to go through! A few less though, if you’re just going with described things… so I let Sam & Rej pick out what I’m watching, lol! Years ago we only looked for movies, but now we’re finding we prefer comedy sitcoms (Big Bang Theory, Corner Gas), and there are some pretty good cop dramas based right in Toronto–Flashpoint, The Listener, Murdoch Mysteries… Hard to find out about them though!

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