Remember the ice storm?

I know you love pictures, so lately I’ve been going through my folder of winter pictures. The most beautiful ones I’ve shied away from… because they’re also very sad! The “lesson” is obvious: we always want to avoid the memories of our past suffering, but it is possible to find beauty there…

Yesterday’s weather was quite enjoyable, if you were able to stay inside and watch it! A fireplace in the background is even better; we had a crackling fire going… on cable TV. Yes, you can actually fill your screen with nothing but this video of a crackling fire. HD or not, it does lack credibility–who puts a fire on top of their liquor cabinet?

In the end, we barely got enough snow to shovel, but it certainly looks pretty. And hey, it’s FEBRUARY!!! Happy New Month! Happy Heart Month! Ground Hog Day coming right up!!

This picture is from my parents’ place (again!) There are so many beautiful photos… soooo many trees bent over, broken. They lost quite a few.

bent over trees, sunlight streaming

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