time to escape to a beach?

I’ve finally found a poem of mine that I really like! It’s so short though, that I’m going to put in another one first, then the short one at the end. This could be called “Winter Dawn Part II”. The after-work pain really shows through in this one, you’d think I was dying, LOL! I called it…

God Bless that man who gave me a lift.

Another hard night
at work.
Another morning,
Another Winter Dawn.
Walking home again.
Oh, my legs,
My legs!
(Oops–did I say that out loud?)
I don’t care,
When I get home,
I’ll just sleep
On my feet.
Who’s honking? Oh.
Good morning,
And thank you so much!
and so happy!
Bless him, Lord.

Now, let’s escape winter…


Rolling, rolling,
Curling, crashing,
Splashing, clawing,
  Embracing the rocks
     With a slap.
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