on cross-country skiing at night…

So this one was ACTUALLY PUBLISHED… in the local paper. :)  Just had to pick another snow-poem, in honour of what’s coming. Besides, I’m dying to use that squirrel-in-the-snow picture again!

squirrel poking its head out of the snow

Moon Communion

Fresh, full flood of glow-light
Renders glisteny this sea of white.
Sweet the gentle sharpness
of cheek-finger-toe-tingle;
Stirs, stills my soul, slows my skis.
A silver silence, touched slightly
By soft, soft whisperings:
“Swish! Swish!”
Sky upon sky – infinite distance,
Beckoning, stretching out secret drifts,
perfect shadows and friendly, dark tree-shapes.
Facing, chasing the streaming moon,
Meditating, hesitating to return too soon;
We’ve much in common, the moon & I–
The same Creator, but His love is mine.

And here’s a bonus, from Longfellow:

Silently one by one, in the
infinite meadows of heaven,
blossomed the lovely stars,
the forget-me-nots of the angels.


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