umbrellas and sparkles

The disadvantage of Facebook, is that you get used to hearing from people every day, even a few times over the day. So that if you don’t “see them around” there for say, one or two days, you feel like you haven’t heard from them for AGES! The advantage of Facebook, is that on a Snow Day like today, you can stay cozy & quiet inside while enjoying a veritable “party” on Facebook! :)

I feel so bad for those who do have to go out though. I mean besides for shovelling, which is great exercise–but be careful! Stop and think about how quickly that really has to get done… is it worth a heart attack? Just take your time, that’s all I’m sayin’.

I waited purposely for darkness last night, before going out to do the initial job (much more snow to arrive today), because I happen to love sparkles, which show up much better at night, with a bright light shining on them. (Hmmmm…. what about the bright light of the sun?)

Here’s a neat winter photo for you. My eye is getting kind of ridiculous these days, for preferring “just right” colour mixes, etc. (Too much working with photos, I guess!) I actually changed a guy’s coat from white to black yesterday, since everyone else in the picture was wearing either black or blue! (The group picture from when Dad received his last award.) So I love this particular picture because of the solid colours against the white snow… plus other things of course: the umbrella, the “peekaboo” element, etc.

Crystal as a kid, with umbrella in winter

(We won’t say who she is, since there are already so many pictures of her on the internet!)

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