Come out and play

It really doesn’t look like as much snow as we got in 2008–just look at this picture! Compare to today’s facebook picture of my Dad shovelling… And I remember them saying, in 2008, that he was up to his waist in certain places.

car at Dad's covered in snow

But they’re saying it’s worse than 2008. I guess back then we’d already had some snow, so that’s why it looked like more. This year, we’re just getting caught up, that’s all!

Anyway, you’d better get out and enjoy it! Because it’s actually going up to PLUS seven tomorrow!!! Something else to enjoy “while it lasts”, is the sunshine. Oh my, it’s so beautiful, shining on all that snow! Sure, we all, as mature adults, “hate” the winter. But who needs mature! This is your chance to PLAY!! (Don’t you envy people like my niece Angele, who gets out with her kids whenever possible, to build things in the snow? :D)

Angele on snow horse with Alex, 2006

To me, even the feel of the cold air on my cheek is somehow lovely… invigorating (as long as it’s not a biting wind). And the squeak of it under my boots is such a FUN sound. After all, it won’t be long, and it’ll be “aaaalll gone”!

(Sheesh! All that work of shovelling, and it’s all going to melt away!)


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