It will soon be over.

Here’s another beautiful nature photo, that has to be hidden here because of it not being mine, and not knowing who to credit. Don’t you just love the sound of chickadees? It takes me right to the woods (where my parents live)!

chickadee is sitting in a tree "fluffing", snowflakes falling in background

Don’t know what’s going to happen today, and the next few days… all kinds of melting going on, but will there be a wind to take away the water before it freezes? In fact, it will freeze each night. We shall see.

So before winter disappears, I still have another photo to share with you. Very similar to another one, but I just love that blue umbrella! And look at the gorgeous sky–a perfect backdrop, to complement the snow!

Crystal in stance with umbrella

Love that stance, too!

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  1. cindy lawson says:

    hey Cathy, beautiful where I a there is no snow

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