First Response

Facebook is not really the best place for it, of course. But when you see someone spilling their guts, you gotta know they’re hurting. They’re crying for people to simply acknowledge their pain.

When a child comes crying to its parent (or grandparent, as in this pic of my sister & grandson from a few years ago), they don’t turn to him/her and say “Stop complaining. Don’t be so negative!” That may need to be said eventually, but the first response is a loving and concerned “Where does it hurt?”

We’re bombarded with messages to be positive. Just put a good face on it. Look on the bright side! Suppress anything that’s “bad”, or that would upset anyone… We do that, even though we know by now that it’s not healthy.

Far better to initiate the conversation: “Where does it hurt?” There can be so many answers to that question, so many places of hurt. Lots of topic for discussion!

And just in case you are someone who is hurting–feel free to pour out your heart here. My comment section is a little more hidden than Facebook. ;)

Christine kissing cry-face Alex, warm filter

“As each night watch begins, get up and cry out in prayer. Pour your heart out face to face with the Master…” (Lamentations 2:19)


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