turtles and hats

Sometimes you just need to express yourself… and out comes poetry! This was nothing but a status update by a young mom, my nephew’s wife, and I don’t think she had any thought of being poetic.

Our pastor happened to mention young moms just this morning, about how sacrificial they are in service, to their babes. Some people were thinking “Isn’t that true of moms of all ages”, and I was thinking “It’s not really a sacrifice, because of the strong desire to do it”… and then he talked about Night Time Feedings… oh yeah–that IS sacrificial! :D

Some moms have a career to sacrifice. Tiffany used to be a model, among other things. And then came Ava.

you always see pics of two lovely ladies
hangin’ out
postin’ head shots,
and yeah i miss it…
clicks with the phone cam,
poppin’ pumps for the fellas…
but i’d rather be bustin’ a move
with ma avaboo
in the ball pit,
blastin’ pics of her belly button
giggling about turtles
and hats
by Tiffany Hope Belisle
Ava and tiffany
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