The Secret

Secret post! Well, just meaning that it’s not going to Facebook. ‘Cos I know lots of people will say “that can’t be good for you”, etc.

First of all, here’s something that actually has been a secret: I did give up losing weight. This included counting calories every day; although I did keep in mind (since I know by now) how high or low in calories things are, and tried not to eat too much. The idea was not to gain too much weight, even if I was never really going to lose. And that never really affected my exercise ambition, since I don’t do that so much to lose weight, but to keep fit. In fact, now I remember that my focus simply shifted from getting skinny, to getting fit.

However, I usually do well at losing weight during Lent, so when I came across this diet, it looked like a good thing to try. One of the main things that attracted me, is that it’s all foods I enjoy, and kinds of lunch/breakfasts that I would have normally. It promises 8-10 pounds in three days, if you follow it exactly. I knew I wouldn’t lose that much, but heck, I would have been happy with three…. I lost 5! Although, I’m not getting too excited til we see what happens next week, after the 4-day interval (in which you can eat as “normal”, but “don’t overdo it”).

This diet is called “The Military Diet”, since apparently they used it in the army when they needed to lose weight quickly. Another thing that encouraged me to go ahead with it, is the things you read lately that are different from what they always thought; i.e. that it can be helpful to lose a large amount of weight at once (vs the “more than 3 pounds a week is not healthy, and it won’t stay off”)–I can see that’s true when I look at my mom, who lost a chunk of weight when she had her operation and managed to keep it off.

Most of the food on the diet is pretty healthy–lots of nuts, fruits & vegetables. And, ahem…. you get to have ice cream each day. Although, I’ve subbed yogurt (she does give a list of subs, saying “results not guaranteed” etc.)… I’m not an ice cream-in-the-winter kind of person. Plus, you’re not supposed to have coffee, which is why I was quite sure I wouldn’t lose the 10 pounds, with the amount of cream I take! (Though I am trying to cut down.)

Anyway, “secret” posts here to keep track of how this goes!


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