Week 2

So I didn’t lose any weight this second time through. What was different:

  • actually measured “2 oz” of cheese, and found it to be twice as much as I had the first week;
  • had (very greasy) sausage choice, instead of the weiners;
  • It says for the 4 interval days to “eat as normal”… well, I guess I had a little more than I normally do on the first interval day: I had a bowl of hot cereal for breakfast. (Oh yeah, and a couple extra Brazil nuts… who knows what else?) Normally I skip breakfast because of having a Tim’s biscuit after grocery shopping, but after that third day I was afraid of being hungry in the middle of shopping; and then I also ate slightly more during the day–since I’d lost so much, and it supposedly would continue!
  • This time through there was this miserable cold to deal with.

I’m not really disappointed (I didn’t gain any either), except that this second time seemed harder, especially those last two days! Last night I felt soooooo sick of almonds, and could hardly finish my one cup. But I realized that you could have them salted, so that’s what I’m going to try next time, as well as eating them first, and starting early since it takes me so long to eat them all.

As I was reading the diet webpage with all their comments, there were some who didn’t lose for one week. I’m thinking the difference is probably all in those 4 interval days. Maybe this week, after my body adjusts to a “new normal” for Day 4, I’ll lose some. Too late anyway, to change the menu and grocery list! ;)

EDIT:  Hungry again today… gonna have to plan it a little better for Thursdays! Also had forgotten about the sausages. Got them again this time because Rej is doing this, and he’ll definitely need more than 2 weiners (without buns). If I don’t lose any weight again, I’ll switch to weiners for sure. Wouldn’t be too hard to cook both.


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