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truth mockers, truth seekers

It’s so crazy But people actual believe it! Lots don’t But it’s amazing how many do… It’s so unbelievable!   But… what if it’s true?  

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Risky business

“The highest expression of love, is to trust…” That’s what I heard at our Maundy Thursday service (Juwon Wee). Interesting, because it suggests that you trust even when the person is not trustworthy. Part of what the speaker was saying, … Continue reading

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When Pain is Beautiful

One of the deepest, darkest holes you can be in, is when you hate yourself. Disgust, loathing. If you “can’t stand” yourself, how can anyone else. It’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. Yes, beautiful! Because at … Continue reading

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Failure can be simply embarrassing, a blow to your pride. Often, it involves extreme disappointment, disillusionment. You don’t generally go into something expecting failure, or even recognizing that it could happen. If you did, Plan B might be ready to … Continue reading

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the greatest hunger

We seem to have a need to be perfectly loved, even as imperfect as we are. Perhaps it hearkens back to the way we were originally created–perfect. To be clear: not only do we want to be loved even though … Continue reading

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Ability, Motivation, Attitude

“I can’t do this!” It is painful sometimes, to realize one’s lack of ability. There have been more than a few times when I’ve experienced my own inability. When Sam was in high school and we were trying to help … Continue reading

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Have you ever felt ugly? When you’re having something like a Bad Hair Day, you know it’s only temporary. Or maybe you HATE your nose, or the circles under your eyes, or whatever; but usually you can find something about … Continue reading

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Doing and Being

Uncomfortable, to say the least, is the feeling of not being needed. By anyone, anywhere. And being wanted is a certain level of being needed. (HA–I’m not talking about when people “need” you to see justice done, or take out … Continue reading

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Have you ever finally attained something, only to find that it’s not as satisfying as you thought it would be? That’s one way to experience emptiness. Another way is to be so tired of feeling, of strong emotion, that you … Continue reading

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No Fear!

People could easily be scared away, with all this talk of the “valley of the shadow”, etc. Fear! That is certainly an unpleasant kind of pain. And fear of death is the worst kind, the kind those who believe in … Continue reading

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