Week 3

So I lost 2 pounds this time. I only had one sausage… can’t think of anything else different. However, having a bad cold really makes you feel like comfort-food, so again, I think it was in the 4-day interval, that probably kept me from losing more.

Rej lost 5 llbs… we thought it would have been more, but he’s happy that he lost at least that much!

One of the things is that you’re supposed to only have black coffee or tea the first day. After that only water… forget that! If it absolutely wasn’t working at all, I might be willing to try that… but probably not!

It almost sounds like a type of binge-purge thing, this diet. You’re not supposed to binge, but that is certainly a temptation in those 4 off days. And if it’s possible to lose so easily, you might care a lot less how much you gain in between times; that is, if you went off the diet for awhile. So, maybe it’s just as well not to lose is quite that easily (the 8-10 pounds that they say).


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