rounds by which we may ascend

Slept in a little this morning, even so, there were hardly any conversations waiting for me in my inbox. However, one relative/inlaw was talking about daffodils (in French). Daffodils! Isn’t that a wonderful thing to think about!

The colder weather has perhaps something to do with this latching on to the daffodil-thought. But warmer temps today, to go with the fact that I just had to find a photo of Mom’s daffodils–both in her garden, and a boquet that she took a picture of. Included in the now-facebook-cover photo, is a quote from a famous poem, which you can find here if you want the whole thing.

Not a reality yet this year (except for the Cancer fund-raisers), but SOON!

And, not to cheat for today’s poetry, here’s a short one for you (another old one):

All common things, each day’s events,
That with the hour begin and end,
Our pleasures and our discontents,
Are rounds by which we may ascend.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
boquet of daffodils
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