We Hope that spring is coming… have Faith that it will!! :P

Errrgh, another cold day for my run training! But in just another day or two, it’s going to seem downright HOT! Doesn’t that make you happy!!? Isn’t it great to know that nothing can keep Spring from coming?

There have been a couple of bunnies hopping around in my garden for a few days (“speak of the devil”, there’s one now), so when someone mentioned their crocuses being chomped, I went right out and spread some fresh moth balls around. That attracted the squirrels.  o-O  Do you think they’ve come to know that wherever the smell of moth balls is, there’s bound to be some tasty purple crocus buds?? Oh well, maybe my scarey-tapping-on-the-window will keep them from coming back… :S

In other news, here are some sweet flowers for you… Faith and Hope are three years old today!

loving twins

(Thought you’d like an up-to-date pic of them, since I shared the album this morning of when they were born. Faith is a few minutes older, she’s the one standing up.)

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