springs and rivers

I think it’s another good day to dream of the summer. And it’s not just a dream, it WILL come!

This poem comes out of two things in my past: the time I worked at the camp in Cobourg, and how we really did have such a good time cooling off in the waves in Lake Ontario (my girlfriend and I used to take turns remembering choruses to sing, while we laughed at the waves); and the other thing is the brooks and falls in Almonte, where I worked at the Nursing Home (before I was married)–on my feet so much that at first, when I was not used to it, I’d have to lie down with my feet straight in the air, to relieve the pain! Often, I used to stop on the way home from work and put my feet in the brook. (Oh and–the time at Cobourg camp was also after working hard… we worked in the kitchen, and we used to massage each other’s feet–a wonderful thing!)

It was written way back then… somewhere around 1977.

This Water

I remember
the sea of Lake Ontario–
stretching past my eyesight,
Forever heaving towards me,
and falling back before me
On the beach.
Or teasing me
With a splash off the rocks.
What fun we had
Playing tug of war
With that rock on the shore!
Slaps on the back in fun;
I’d slip off:
    “That was a big one!”
Drenched and stenched, we laughed,
My friend and I.
Our happiness joined the
Laughter of Lake Ontario–
Unable to keep still for joy!
This water.
Now this water:
A continuous rapture,
Crystal pure,
Loved by the sun
and me.
Laced with greenery,
Trimmed with rocky banks.
Infinitely joyous–
Laughing, dancing,
Freely flowing
Soft and gentle on my feet,
Work-worn feet
being cared for;
Its falling sound
Washing clear my world-soiled mind–
So that it can breathe
This water
Rejoices in liberty,
Bound only to eternity;
Always turning my
Soul towards Him
Whom this water serves,
Who bids me come,
That I might never thirst!
This living water:
A fountain of peace
Flowing continually,
Like the river;
Stretching beyond my understanding,
Like the sea;
Keeping my heart smooth
and clean,
and full of Him–
This water!


“He who cleaves to and relies on Me–as the scripture has said, out from his innermost being springs and rivers of living water shall flow continuously.” (John 7:38)


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